Offering the best in dreadlocs, box braids, crochet, twistout and much more.

Meet Kameshia

The hands behind the hair

Kameshia has created quite the reputation for herself these past couple decades within her community. She has serviced over 400 hair clients and continues to expand her skills and services to best suit them. Her clients simply cannot get enough! 

Her hair portfolio speaks for itself; having participated in a hair show, servicing professional athletes and highly valued leaders, and also being nominated for “Best Hairdresser in Winnipeg”. However, the thing that sets her apart from the rest, is her authentic spirit, the chair experience and deep connections being formed. 

Clients trust her with much more than just their follicles. Her warm embrace has clients pouring their hearts out to her in exchange for insightful advice or even just to be an open ear. So not only do you get a fresh hair-do but you also leave her seat feeling enlightened and empowered. 

She is unbelievably passionate about helping and adding value back into the black community in any which way possible.

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The best service I have gotten so far! She is the best in town, very good at what she does! And extremely nice.
By far the best experience I’ve had with a hair stylist, she listened to my concerns and suggestions and took it away from there.
A girl with a dream

Braiding has always been close to her heart. In her childhood days she found herself braiding anything she could get her hands on. It was her escape from the outside world, braiding for hours at a time. It soon became her vice, a therapeutic outlet to help her cope with the adversities she had faced in her everyday life. 

As she got older she created the entity Design Braids and started to take on real clients and further expanded her services. She now offers a wide range of services from Braid extensions/Cornrows to dread formation/restoration/ removal to Weave application/removal services, and that’s just to name a few. 

She specializes working with Natural beautiful kinky, coily hair, and takes pride in operating all services chemical-free.

I always feel invigorated after getting my hair done here. The conversation and the awesome styles are why I keep coming back.
I always leave with good looking hair and bit smarter thanks to the conversations.

Giving back to the community

Over the years Kameshia has been vigorously thinking of ways she could further help her local community. This has been displayed through her efforts in the activism group: Justice 4 Black Lives Winnipeg. She now could take the precious wisdom she bestowed and utilize this opportunity to provide more value and aid to the black community by creating a space for vulnerable, raw conversations about the black community through her podcast SHOPTALK204. 

This podcast was directly influenced by the conversations that she partook in at the hair shop. See, at the shop the discussions were limitless, some would say this was where their voice was formed. Not all of the discussions had were joyful and within comfort zones. Some were tough, raw and uncomfortable, but they needed to be had, which opened the door for healing, truth, and opportunity. Kameshia is always encouraging people to step out of their comfort zones, to become their best selves and speak their truth.

Kameshia adds value to every room she steps foot in. She will not let you leave her seat feeling unsatisfied with her hair services. You’ll be feeling like a whole new person once you step outside of the shop. Book with Kameshia today!

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Over 20 years of experience in natural hair services in Winnipeg and the Greater Toronto Area. From dreads to crochet and much more.


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